#1: Does “race diversity” matter in the asset management sector?

 #1: Does “race diversity” matter in the asset management sector?

What are we to make of the lack of racial diversity in the corporate world? Is it to be interpreted as a failure of our post-apartheid government to empower previously marginalised groups, a deliberate attempt by heterosexual white males to hold onto power at the expense of everybody else, or a combination of both? Or should we look closer at what “racial diversity” even means? Organic growth through grassroots education and inorganic growth through industry quotas have been presented as substitute/complimentary solutions.

Nevertheless, helping people build wealth remains a central conversation within the ranks of various Asset Management firms in South Africa. The development of financial products and accompanying pricing strategies catered to the African populace has been identified as one way of achieving the desired changes.

Joining me to unpack this is a Business Development Manager from one of South Africa’s most established Asset Managers. Luthando Mzilikazi’s experience in the financial services industry has helped her shape her own opinions on the matter. She identifies what she perceives to be the problems and accordingly proposes solutions.

Philasande Shongwe

Philasande Shongwe is financial manager and Nocturnal Unwrap Podcast host at Nova Mentis.